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Nous & Soma, which loosely translates into Nous: Intellect or the Mind, and Soma: Body, in Greek, was created as a community wellness platform with a focus on finding solutions for modern day stressors, using a science-based approach to holistic well-being.

I am personally inspired by the scientific wisdom that exists in ancient cultures (such as India with Ayurveda and yoga, or Traditional Chinese Medicine, or ancient Greek medicine).  Where pillars of health are inter-connected across mental, emotional and physical in a a 360-degree approach.  We have amazing preventative tools in our arsenal that don't cost much such as breath, movement, nutrition and phyto-science, with considerable scientific evidence on the benefits of using these tools in an integrated way. This knowledge is relevant more than ever in our modern, busy lives today.

Our aim is to curate and distil knowledge around holistic health and wellness from leading experts in these fields in an easy-to-digest format so we can live better, more healthy, balanced, fulfilled lives.


Our role is also one in bringing our community together - to share and receive knowledge, and support many of our local, independent practitioners extend their reach in doing so. 

We will be doing this via the curation of online (and potentially in person) events featuring experts in a particular topic that cover different aspects of the mind and body wellness. 

The aim is to educate and empower - but mostly to have conversations that benefit our community. 


We hope you’ll join us on this journey.

Thank you, 


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